What are the Types of CBD

What are the Types of CBD

When searching for CBD one of the first things that you will notice are products labelled as CBD Isolate, Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum. While by name it may seem that these are probably similar and indicate quality from low to high but this is not entirely correct. In fact, which form of CBD is best for you depends on many varying factors and the best thing to do is to research and read as much information as possible to familiarize yourself with the different types of CBD in order to help determine which is right for you.

What are Cannabinoids

The typical strain of the cannabis plant contains hundreds of chemicals known collectively as “Cannabinoids”. The most important and well known of these are CBD and THC but these are far from the only beneficial compounds in the plant. The benefits of cannabinoids were first recognized by studies in 1995 which discovered the interaction between the chemicals and the Edocannabinoid System in the human brain. Additionally it was discovered that each cannabinoid had varying effects on the human body. The most famous of this is the psychoactive affect of THC but as more and more research has been completed on these substances it has become clear that there are every growing list of the different cannabinoids and their benefits. Importantly CBD and other non-THC cannabinoids are completely non-psychoactive and safe to use.


Extraction Process

Now that you understand what Cannabinoids are, the next question is usually around the extraction process. The most common method used to remove CBD from the cannabis plant is CO2 extraction as the other Cannabinoids such as terpenes present in the plant. The exact composition of the extracted materials will vary based on the type of plant. Hemp, Cannabis Sativa, for instance has high concentrations of CBD with little or no THC while other strains such as Indica can have compositions as high as a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC.

CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate is 99.9% purified CBD that has been isolated from the other cannabinoids that have been extracted from the cannabis plant. The resulting compound is a crystal like structure that is distributed either as is or mixed with vape juices or tinctures. Originally it was thought that pure CBD isolate was the most effective way to use the cannabinoid for a variety of benefits, but more recent studies have shown that full or broad spectrum CBD to be more beneficial in a number of cases. If for any reason you have adverse reactions to any of the other cannabinoids or desire a completely THC free product then CBD Isolate is the best choice for you.


Full Spectrum CBD

When you see something described as Full Spectrum CBD it will typically mean that the product contains not only CBD but all the other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and fatty acids found in the hemp plant. Not only do all these substances have known therapeutic value but together they help create what is known as the entourage effect. Be warned though that this does include THC in traces amount up to 0.3% which can result in extremely minimal psychoactive effects. If you are ok with small THC composition then Full Spectrum would be a good choice if you are looking to experience the benefits of all the cannabinoids available.


Broad Spectrum CBD

The additional CBD type you will find available is Broad Spectrum which is basically Full Spectrum with any traces of THC removed. This is the best choice for you if you want the full synergistic effects of cannabinoids but are worried about the legalities of THC.